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Acterys Is Here!

We are very proud to announce the public preview of Acterys. Acterys combines two previously separate platforms Agility Planning and Clear Jelly into one of the most comprehensive and versatile analytics and planning solutions on the market.

Built On Proven Platforms (MS SQL Server, Power BI, Excel)

As opposed to re-inventing the wheel and introducing unnecessary maintenance efforts, Acterys is built on proven, market leading platforms that are often already used at our clients. Using these platforms Acterys seamlessly combines analytics and financial planning capabilities that can be managed by business users.

The solution connects to nearly any source and generates data models that incorporate professional data warehousing principles automatically or with minimal efforts.

This means peace of mind for IT department as Acterys is built on the highly scalable, secure Microsoft SQL Server / Azure ecosystem that is compliant with strictest governance policies.

This is combined with dramatically reduced support efforts, as Business users can manage all front-end aspects themselves in the familiar Excel, Power BI and web browser environment.

A Human At Your Side: Software Enabled Services (SES)

Around this technology platform Acterys offers a unique concept for software enabled services where clients can choose to support their team or outsource expert analytics and enterprise planning expertise on an ongoing basis at a fixed pricing.

Here is a quick intro of the entire suite:


New Acterys Features

New Acterys Features

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Active Directory Support / Single Sign On

Acterys enables you to setup exact user rights on all aspects of the data model. User rights are managed using Azure Active Directory platform. This means that no additional layer of security is required. User can use their existing Windows Active Directory credentials. This also enables single sign on: you don’t have to login again when you are already logged in to the Active Directory account, reports and data entry forms will automatically take into account user rights and features available to the current user.

Active Directory Support / Single Sign On

Connectors / Integration (formerly Clear Jelly)

Minimize the efforts to integrate your data sources with the Acterys Connectors that generate professional, write enabled business intelligence/data warehouse environments tailored to your needs in minimal time. Supported sources include accounting solutions (e.g. Quickbooks, SAP, Xero, Saasu, MYOB etc.), CRM systems (Salesforce, etc), marketing resources (Google, Facebook, etc.) or any source that is accessible through standard ETL tools (e.g. SQL Server SSIS or Azure Data Factory)

Connectors / Integration (formerly Clear Jelly)


A unique new feature in Acterys is the optional addition of one of the most comprehensive sources of corporate information: Finviews. Finviews includes all  financial statement details of companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE. The data is standardized and enables you to benchmark your organization’s details against any concept in the data stream for example how your organization compares to gross profit margin versus a specific company or an industry in the desired time frame.

New Data Entry Options

Acterys now includes entering data using relative changes, distribution of a specific value on every child in a hierarchy.

New Data Entry Options

New Rich Text Commenting

The new Acterys Comments visual features a rich text editor that allows you to format comments using extensive formatting options like font size, color to links, and usage of format templates.

Automatic OLAP Integration

Acterys now automatically provisions Azure Analysis Services (SSAS Tabular) Cubes based on the Acterys data model. This means easier access and access to all SSAS features. Most importantly using the standard DAX language on a central server model in addition to local models in Power Pivot and Power BI (these can now also be published to the server and be used by different users).

Current Agility Planning & Clear Jelly Features

 Unparalleled Performance/ Memory Modelling Engine

Acterys utilizes latest in memory technologies enabling unparalleled performance for write back and data modelling built on the proven MS SQL platform.

Comprehensive Planning & Forecasting

Planning and budgeting have never been easier: Whether you do a top down plan, bottom up budget, rolling forecast or all of the above, Acterys supports you with advanced capabilities like intelligent distribution, copying and simulation on any level of detail

Data Entry from Pivot Table

Acterys enables comprehensive data entry options (on base level/aggregation, relative change etc,) directly from any Pivot Table connected to an Acterys model.


Data Entry from Power BI

Acterys enables comprehensive data entry options (on base level/aggregation, relative change etc.) to an Acterys model with the native Acterys Matrix Power BI visual.

Data Entry from Power BI

Powerful Modelling/ ”What-If”

Easily create powerful, interactive models that exactly mirror your business, either from scratch or automatically with a click. Incorporate any type data of data: financial, non-financial, HR, Payroll, CRM, Google Analytics etc. into your model. Simulate different scenarios and business driver changes like introduction of new products, changes in organisational structures, price and currency effects, etc. instantly.

Visual Discovery E1524040110703

At a glance understanding / Business Communication Standards

Acterys includes visuals that support IBCS standards for at a glance understanding and consistent communication.

Architecture Simple E1524041236947

Different Frontend Options For All Needs

Horses for courses… Acterys’ multi-platform approach enables users to work from the front end that’s best suited for the specific needs. A flexible Excel/Excel Online Add-in for finance professionals that require flexibility and the power of Excel. Different Power BI visuals seamlessly integrate professional planning processes with professional data discovery and interactive dashboards as well as mobile apps for large scale report deployment.

Different Frontend Options For All Needs

Advanced Analytics Methods

Easily extend your model with powerful statistical and machine learning algorithms (e.g. regression, clustering, etc.) to enable data driven prediction/forecasting based and writing the results back as scenarios in Acterys.

Advanced Analytics Methods

Effective Collaboration & Tailored Workflows

Acterys integrates with Microsoft latest technologies like Microsoft Teams, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow that allow you to setup real time collaboration, powerful workflows and tailored mobile/web analytical applications without any coding. Making the setup of automated notifications, approval processes and receipt handling among many other use cases a breeze. All this directly integrated with your existing email, office productivity applications and a variety of other sources.

Tailored Analytical Applications

Acterys is the perfect platform for complex analytical applications that can be managed by business users without specialist IT expertise. From statutory consolidation, activity-based costing to advanced price calculations involving external services among others.

Cloud or On Premise

Use the scalability and security of Microsoft Azure or run on your own on-premise SQL Server

Take it further

Acterys’s API (Application Program Interface) enables you to extend the system exactly your needs or build your own stand-alone applications with the advanced write back and planning functionalities

Take it further

In Control / Audit Trails

Every single transaction in Acterys is recorded in a comprehensive audit trail. You will know exactly: from where, by who, when and what for every single transaction.

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