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Acterys Power BI App Contest: The Dashboard Challenge Begins!

Calling all Acterys partners! It is time to unleash the Power BI wizard in you – wield your magic staff to build and showcase outstanding dashboards.

Acterys is bringing you, the first of many to come, the Acterys Power BI App Contest. Use this opportunity to boast your skills and expertise in building stunning reporting and analytic solutions using Power BI.

About Acterys Power BI App Contest

The Power BI App Contest is a Power BI dashboard challenge for Acterys’ partners who have been providing reporting and analytics solutions to organizations across the globe. It is a great opportunity to let everyone know the magic you can create using Acterys and showcase solutions you have built or are currently building for your customers. The best of the best dashboards will be given amazing prizes and offered due recognition through all our business channels.

What are the Rules?

Here are the 5 things you should keep in mind before submitting your entry:

  1. Aesthetics: Create a single-rapid result template that shows key metrics of your chosen use case in a visually appealing way (examples below)
  2. The report must be created using Acterys Power BI Visuals
  3. Solves a Problem: The dashboard must be for a specific use case or industry, like HR reporting & analytics, sales & operations planning for CPGs, financial reporting for accounting firms, etc.
  4. Smart: Use AI, cleaver metrics, ratios, algorithms, etc. in your Acterys rapid result template.
  5. Have fun demonstrating your creativity and prowess in Acterys Power BI

Check all the above boxes to ensure your entry is eligible for the dashboard contest.

How to Submit Your Entry

Participating in the contest is simple. Just follow these two mandatory steps:

  1. Submit your entry by uploading the PBIX file of your dashboard using this form.
  2. Share your spectacular work on the Acterys Forum in the Power BI Dashboard Contest thread.

And that’s about it.

An optional step is to post the images of your dashboard on your LinkedIn profile or Twitter account. Don’t forget to use #ActerysPowerBIContest.


Submit your entries no later than 15th September 2022, 11:59 PM AEDT. Any entries after that will not be included in the contest.

Do the Winners Get Anything?

Of course! We have some great monetary and intangible rewards waiting for you. Here is what you’ll get for winning the challenge:

Monetary Rewards

1st Place – $1000 USD

2nd Place – $750 USD

3rd Place – $500 USD

Note: these rewards will be given in the form of Amazon gift cards.

Intangible Rewards

  • The winners’ dashboards will be in the spotlight in the Acterys Community Forum, where we will announce the results and showcase your dashboard.
  • We’ll send out a special newsletter to our emailing list, announcing contest’s results along with a glimpse of each winners’ dashboard
  • You will be featured in our post-challenge blog post, in which we will include your dashboards.
  • We will post on our social channels about each winner encouraging our audience to check out your amazing dashboards.
  • Finally, we’ll send out a press release to share the results with the masses.

Need Inspiration? See These Power BI Dashboard Examples

Here are some of the Acterys Power BI Showcases our partners have implemented for their clients for your inspiration. Check them out:

  1. Gym and Fitness Planning & Analytics
  2. Logistics Insights and Optimization
  3. Procurement Performance Planning & Analytics

Want to see more? Click here.

So what are you waiting for? Start building your dashboards now to win cool rewards. If you have questions, post them on the dashboard challenge thread in the Acterys Forum or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]