Acterys November 2018 Update

It has been a crazy busy 4 months for us since our last major update in June with tremendous positive feedback and uptake by customers across the world. At this point a big thank you goes out to our early adopter program members and partners for their crucial feedback and help to make Acterys a […]

80 Xero Clinics Consolidated in a Click

Myhealth were looking for a consolidation solution for Xero companies. The organisation is Australia’s fastest growing medical centre group, providing an exceptional experience for all patients, doctors and staff. A team of GPs, specialists, nurses is focused on quality health care in first-class facilities leading in the area of technology, innovation and development. Limited Consolidation in […]

We Are Hiring: Senior Financial Planning & Analytics Consultants

Acterys is one of the fastest growing providers of integrated data discovery & planning solutions with offices in the United States, Australia, and Europe (later this year). To support our rapidly growing global customer base, we are looking to extend our team with experts that combine in depth technology expertise in all aspects of analytics & planning implementation […]

Acterys June Update

Only 3 months after rebranding the solution to “Acterys” we are very proud to announce the latest June update to Acterys. And it is a big one as you will see. From this point forward, we are also aiming to match the monthly release cycles that the amazing Power BI Team delivers with their solution, […]

Acterys Is Here!

We are very proud to announce the public preview of Acterys. Acterys combines two previously separate platforms Agility Planning and Clear Jelly into one of the most comprehensive and versatile analytics and planning solutions on the market. Built On Proven Platforms (MS SQL Server, Power BI, Excel) As opposed to re-inventing the wheel and introducing […]

Acterys: It All Comes Together

Over the last 3 years our holding company FP&A Solutions has been running two separate brands for business intelligence and planning: “Clear Jelly” and “Agility Planning”. To simplify operations and make it easier for users to use both solutions, we have decided to integrate the two platforms into the new “Acterys” solution. With Acterys users […]

The Troubles We have Seen: Roadblocks to effective FP&A

Over more than 10 years and hundreds of projects we got a good insight into the typical pain points with their financial planning and analytics processes that our clients experience prior to working with us. Here are four typical ones and of course a little plug how Agility Planning can address that. 1. Spreadsheet Chaos: […]

Analytics via Power BI: The key to FP&A teams not getting left behind

Before I was heavily involved in working with Power BI and financial teams of various businesses, I used to assume that analytics and data played a critical role in the financial planning process. How else would businesses be able to make data-driven decisions that would prepare them for future demands and opportunities? It only made […]