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Acterys Hackathon Begins – Unleash Your Inner Power BI Wizard!

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Iqbal Ahmed
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Calling all Acterys Partners!

Acterys Hackathon for August-September is now LIVE.

Here is how to submit your entry:

  1. Submit the PBIX file of your Power BI dashboard using this Submission Form
  2. Post your dashboard’s images and its details in this thread.

Both steps are mandatory for your submission to be considered for the Hackathon.

You can also post your dashboard on LinkedIn and Twitter. Please mention @Acterys|Next Level Planning & Analytics (LinkedIn) and @acterysfpa (Twitter), along with the hashtag, #ActerysHackathon.

The last date for submission of entries is September 15, 2022, 11:59PM AEDT.

For more details, read the Acterys Power BI Hackathon blog where we have explained the rules and rewards for participating in this contest. Feel free to post any queries in the comments.

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