Acterys Apps - Reporting, Consolidation and Planning Apps

End-to-end reporting, consolidation and planning solutions for major  cloud-based systems (Accounting, ERP, CRM, etc.)
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Reporting, Consolidation & Planning The Quickest Way

Acterys Apps are pre-configured applications for cloud-based accounting/ERP/SaaS systems that include data integration, business logic, interactive dashboards, reports and planning forms.

In minutes, you can connect any system you want – for unlimited companies. The data is automatically loaded, updated and consolidated in a cloud based (Azure SQL) database optimized for analysis, business modelling and planning requirements. You can customize data models exactly as needed. The solution also includes a set of proven best practice reports, interactive dashboards, planning and consolidation workflows for the respective system in either Microsoft Power BI or Excel. These can be edited and exactly to your needs without reliance on external experts.

Dashboards in Power BI

Get rich dashboards & reports automatically populated with your source system data instantly.

Analytics in Excel

Unlock dynamic planning, reporting & analytics capabilities within Excel via centralized server model.

How it Works

Data Models in Minutes

A scalable data model optimized for analytics and planning purposes as a single source where the data from all the sources and companies you have added come together

Built-in Business Logic

All the relevant business logic like metrics, time intelligence, currency conversions, planning and legal consolidation workflows among others available within the package

Ready-to-Use Reports & Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards, best practice reports and data entry forms ready for use in Power BI & Excel

Planning Enabled Power BI Visuals

The most comprehensive set of budgeting and planning features (detail, top-down, driver-based, etc.) available on the market

Automated Workflows

Set up workflows and schedule tasks for approval, forecasting, budgeting, report distribution, and more.

Audit Trails & Governance

The highest standards of Microsoft technology-based secure and comprehensive governance (e.g., access rights, audit trails, etc.) for planning with confidence

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