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Acterys Licenses xP&A Technology to Microsoft: Revolutionizing Planning & Analytics Integration with Dynamics 365

Acterys, a global provider of next generation planning and analytics solutions, has signed a significant licensing agreement with Microsoft to include Acterys’s  xP&A technology with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365  xP&A offering.

The Acterys xP&A (eXtended planning & analytics) Suite seamlessly integrates and combines information from multiple sources, storing it in a cloud-based repository. It generates dynamic dashboards and facilitates AI-powered planning processes with high-speed writeback capabilities while incorporating widely used corporate software like Azure cloud, Power BI, Teams, and Excel.

The inclusion of the Acterys technology as part of Microsoft‘s Dynamics 365 xP&A offering will enable customizable xP&A use cases. It covers a wide range of operations, including but not limited to budgeting & forecasting, sales and operations planning, cash flow forecasting, financial close, and workforce planning.

Acterys, alongside its extensive global partner network, will maintain distribution for the suite’s standard version for non-Microsoft Dynamics related use cases. Additionally, Acterys will continue to exclusively offer its analytics automation and group reporting service “Acterys Apps” as well as industry template solutions which are excluded from this licensing arrangement.

“We are excited about what this agreement brings to our customers. This is a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses with top-tier, integrated solutions that drive meaningful outcomes. We are fully confident this business relationship will redefine industry benchmarks and unlock new possibilities for all stakeholders,” said Martin Kratky, CEO and Founder of Acterys. 

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Georg Glantschnig, VP, Dynamics 365 Finance added, “Microsoft has a shared vision with Acterys to transform the future of business planning and analytics, and it is this alignment and their innovative technology that ultimately led us to our relationship. We are excited about the advancements that their technology will help bring about.” 

In an era where AI and automation have the potential to liberate finance teams to focus more on strategic business development and innovation, this technology licensing agreement aims to overcome adoption barriers. Recent surveys show that 82% of finance leaders consider these aspects to be crucial. However, they face significant challenges in actualizing the value of these tools, due to their inherent complexity. Together, Acterys and Microsoft are committed to addressing these roadblocks and delivering solutions that truly redefine planning and analysis processes. 

Read more about Microsoft’s announcement for its Dynamics xP&A solution in its blog.

About Acterys 

Acterys is a software solution developed by Managility Pty Ltd, a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions that enable businesses to transform their planning and reporting processes. With the groundbreaking Acterys xP&A Suite, Acterys is redefining how businesses budget, forecast and analyze their operations. The Acterys solution is used by a broad range of industries across the globe to drive strategic decisions and future-proof their businesses.

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