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Acterys November 2018 Update

It has been a crazy busy 4 months for us since our last major update in June with tremendous positive feedback and uptake by customers across the world. At this point a big thank you goes out to our early adopter program members and partners for their crucial feedback and help to make Acterys a better product.

We are far from perfect, but I think that our track records really show that feature requests or issues raised by our customers will be dealt with at speeds that are unparalleled in our industry. Examples for this in this quarter include adding the WorkflowMax connector, PowerQuery data load to Acterys as well as new on-premise deployment options.

Ok, now for the news in detail:

Acterys Connectors

Cash Journals, Payments, Bank Transactions

The Acterys Xero Connector now includes the much-requested “Cash Base Journals”, Payments and BankTransactions tables which provide the basis for comprehensive cash flow reports for one or many (consolidated) Xero organizations.

Payroll Integration

Xero users will also have completely automated access to the Xero Payroll module.

WorkflowMax Integration

With the November update Acterys users can add all data (including custom fields, invoices etc. ) from WorkflowMax to their model with a click.

Acterys Modeller

Multi Dimension & Cube Operations

Acterys Modeller
Acterys Modeller

Users can now apply actions to multiple dimensions and cubes e.g. delete in one go.

New Time Table Generator

With the November edition users will have the option to generate time dimension tables exactly customized to their needs that incorporate:

  • Adding any time aggregation (weekly, 445, month, quarter, etc.)
  • Handling of fiscal periods and related aggregations like fiscal month, fiscal quarter, fiscal year
  • Multi-language support
  • Adding of public holiday attributes

Excel Add-In

Power Query Load

This is probably one of our favorite features (in a pretty compelling field…): Excel Add-in users can now load data from Power Query sources with one click to Acterys.

Power Query enables business users to integrate nearly any data source or service with unparalleled ease. With the  new Power Query enabled bulk upload feature, Acterys users can now create a Power Query output as required and load the results straight to the Acterys model. Either when required or completely automate the process at a set schedule.

This truly revolutionizes the extraction, transformation loading (ETL) process.  What used to be an exercise for specialists that took weeks to months is now something that business users can handle in hours. We have an example at one our customers where the FP&A manager without any prior knowledge used Power Query to integrate 11 different ERP systems (among the a few SAP installations) mostly himself with very limited outside support.

Editing any relational tables

The Acterys Add-in has a new feature for editing any relational table. In addition to editing Acterys dimensions users can now modify any relational table.

Editing and creating new model content truly becomes a breeze with having Excel functionality like copy & pasting, drag and drop for content and the amazing new flush fill at your disposal.

Power BI

New data entry options have been added to the Acterys Matrix visual. Now relative changes and writing the same value to all children of a parent element are available. In addition to that new formatting options for hiding matrix buttons and custom color formatting of matrix elements are released.

Power BI Direct Query Template

A new “Direct Query” Power BI template for Xero users. This means users have a live connection to the Acterys database. Refreshing imports is no longer necessary. You can publish your Power BI dashboard once and it will always provide users with the latest data published in Acterys.

This is it for this month, we are already working on very exciting new features. I can’t give you the details yet but just mention “SharePoint” and “Oracle”….

As usual our chat team will be happy to answer any question.

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