Automate Board Reporting in Excel & Power BI

This Acterys Power BI showcase provides a complete overview of key financial statements, performance overviews, plans and forecasts that can easily be shared with boardroom members. Acterys provides unparalleled financial reporting and analysis solutions of key business metrics, complemented by essential features like writeback & planning, row-level commentary, budgeting & forecasting, automatic PDF and Word document generation, and more.

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This Rapid Results Pack provides the quickest solution to simplify and automate board reporting. Whether you have your financial statements in Excel or sales performance data coming from a CRM, Acterys provides integration to any source and automatically builds a customizable, central data modeling for reporting and analytics.

The Power BI showcase in this Rapid Results Pack covers:

  • Summaries of key financial statements, such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Cash Journals, giving boardroom members a quick overview of the financial performance
  • Sales performance overview to show insights into the customers, avg. sales, YoY growth, and more.
  • Rolling forecast to share future financial projections accurately based on the latest data
  • Aged Debtors and Creditors analysis to provide a quick snapshot of how much money customers owe to the business and how much the business owes to the suppliers

Acterys supports quick integration to PDF or Word formats, enabling users to create shareable reports almost instantly. Acterys has completely automated this process, saving users from manually putting charts, tables, and other elements in a document and then sending it to boardroom members. Since your document will be connected to the underlying database, you can quickly update it with the latest information with just a simple click.

Lastly, Acterys provides the flexibility to use its wide range of custom Power BI visuals to build reports in Excel through its dedicated add-in or utilize the Power BI environment for building reports and dashboards through a single platform.

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