ESG Reporting Template for Power BI - Extended Planning, & Analytics

The ESG metrics reporting template for Power BI shows visual reporting and planning for Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESP). It shows a holistic approach that enables compliance professionals to build a sustainable ESG reporting framework in Power BI, which is easily shareable with stakeholders.

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ESG KPI Reporting template is perfect for compliance professionals looking to consolidate data from multiple business functions, like HR, Operations, Legal, Procurement, Production, etc., transform it into a single source of truth, and use it for building an ESG reporting framework.

The ESG reporting template can help organizations track and report their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. The template includes charts and graphs that can help you track progress over time and compare your performance with industry benchmarks.

With Acterys, you can bring data from as many sources as you like into a smart data warehouse that automatically builds a customizable data model for reporting. As every system has its own formatting, Acterys intelligently captures those formatting styles and converts key units and metrics into your preferred format. It even propagates formatting changes across Power BI dashboards and reports, saving a lot of manual work and time.

As you finish creating a sustainable ESG reporting framework, you can easily share Power BI reports and dashboards with key internal and external stakeholders, thanks to built-in Microsoft technology and even with Acterys Power BI Sync.

With this RRP, you can quickly build your ESG profile, track key metrics, and improve your ratings to attract potential investors and keep key stakeholders informed and happy with accurate reporting.

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