Software as a Service (SaaS) Analytics & Planning Template

This Acterys Power BI Showcase demonstrates the analytics and planning templates for Software as a Service (SaaS) and Subscription based businesses, enabling XP&A teams to gain holistic insights for platform analytics with ease and speed. 

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SaaS metrics template can help you track the performance of your SaaS business. By measuring key metrics and performance indicators such as user growth, activation rate, and customer retention, you can identify areas where your business needs improvement and make changes accordingly.

This Power BI Showcase demonstrates analytics and planning for Software as a Service and Subscription based businesses. Key aspects covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial reporting and analytics for SaaS
  • Calculation of Saas Metrics: ARR. LTV, Churn, etc.
  • AI-driven narratives and key influencer analysis
  • Automated integration of accounting and ERP systems like Dynamics, MYOB, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero, etc.

With SaaS performance metrics template available in our Rapid Results Pack, you can completely automate the process of data model generation for nearly any data source (ERP/ accounting / SaaS solutions) with “One-Click” Apps and built-in virtual data warehouse features for optimal use with Power BI. Business users can implement FP&A and CPM processes on a single unified and cost-effective platform, exactly to their needs, seamlessly integrated with their day to day productivity solutions.

There are a number of different SaaS metrics that can be used to track the performance of a business. By using a performance metrics template, it can be easier to track and compare data across different time periods. Some of the most important SaaS metrics include customer churn, customer lifetime value, and gross margin that you can visualize in Power BI. 

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