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New Acterys Reporting Features for Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Dear, MYOB

Acterys offers data model automation, consolidation, planning and write-back for Power BI. It allows users to build effective FP&A (Financial Planning & Analytics) and performance management processes in Power BI, Excel, web browser and mobile devices the quickest way possible.

Here is a list of new features offered by Acterys Apps for Xero, Quickbooks, Hubspot, Dear Inventory, and MYOB integration with Power BI.

New Features in Acterys Apps

Following the tremendous success of these solutions with now more than 1000+ companies under management we have made significant improvements to all Apps (Xero, QuickBooks, HubSpot, MYOB, Dear Inventory) in particular the Power BI related Xero Reporting and Budgeting aspects. These include nearly all of the most asked for features on our Customer Success Platform and then some more.

Here are the details:

Improvement relevant to all Apps

New Currency Wizard


This wizard enables users to choose an unlimited number of currencies that are then loaded in a currency data model that is automatically updated with the latest foreign exchange rates. In all relevant ledgers (e.g. GL, invoices, etc.) new views enable users to retrieve their data in local currency and the group currency.

Improvements For Xero Reporting & Budgeting

Significantly Improved Xero Power BI Reporting Template

The completely overhauled Power BI Xero report now includes budgets and the new variance visual with “small multiples” analysis support:


Management Dashboard with Actual Budget Comparisons

Acterys now automatically loads Xero budget numbers that can be updated with all Acterys planning options.

Consolidate Group Performance Power BI Tool tip
Consolidated Group Performance Power BI with Tool tip
Acterys Xero Template - Power BI - Debtor - Creditor
Acterys Xero Template – Power BI – Debtor – Creditor

New “Repeating Invoices” table supporting better forecasting

Repeating invoice details that enable precise forecasting for future revenues are now available in the Xero App.

Trial-Balance-Acterys Xero Template - Power BI Desktop
Trial-Balance-Acterys Xero Template – Power BI Desktop

New “Trial Balance Report”

A new table named ‘Trial Balance Report” and related reports are now available in the Acterys Xero App that include “unrealised currency gains” and other items that are not available via the conventional Journals API endpoint.

Cash Flow Planning
Cash Flow Planning

New Xero & MYOB Cashflow Forecasting Templates

This template includes fully customizable, indirect cash flow report structures where users can amend/update future projections with all Acterys features.

New Tables for Xero Reporting

  • Xero Summary Budget Table and reports
  • “Repeating Invoices”
  • Repeating Invoice details
  • “Trial Balance Report”
  • New “Users” table
    This table includes all details of all user across all Xero companies that are connected with Acterys
  • New “Quotes” table for Xero
    This table includes all details of quote in all companies that you have connected to Acterys.
  • New “Assets” table for Xero

Xero Invoice Cube Deprecated

Due to very limited use we are no longer automatically creating/updating the xero cube. The detailed Xero invoices table that’s for most analytical requirements the better choice is of course still available.

Upgrading To The New Template

Existing customers that use an older version of the Acterys Apps please contact support to discuss the best upgrade options.

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