Public Company Financial Analysis

In this Rapid Results Pack showcase, we have demonstrated how you can explore fantastic new angles for investment analysis like a discounted cash flow valuation for listed companies in the United States and more.

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In this Rapid Results Pack, the data set includes income statement and cash flow details but can be extended to any data point that is published to the SEC.
By using the Acterys Financial Reporting Power BI visual, users have the option to put together financial reports in seconds that include advanced visualization options like switching between absolute, relative, and waterfall charts just by clicking on the header.
The visual also enables the user to add typically required formatting options for row and column level details, as well as under and over lines.
Most importantly, users can also add their own row and column calculations without a single line of DAX, which not only makes it easy to use but typically also dramatically faster.
Another feature of the report is the option to link back to the source data by just clicking on an active link.
The report also includes valuation metrics like discounted cash flow (DCF) that calculate future cash flows with an applied discount and growth factor based on the prior 3-year results and a terminal value.
The report also includes editing options available in the Acterys visuals, where the users can easily edit account mappings, the treatment of signs, and other details that are immediately applied to the report.
Features include:
  • Analysis of all items in the income statement and cash flow statement supported by variance calculations like quarter to quarter change and configurable conditional formatting.
  • Industry analysis by different sector categorizations  
  • Comparative analysis of Key Ratios and Indicators
  • Top Bottom Performer for all categories of the data stream

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