Acterys Reporting Visuals

Power BI Visual Planning & Reporting in Real-time

Acterys Reporting enables Power BI reports with financial data visualizations according to IBCS principles. Users can add their own row or column-based calculations and formatting exactly as needed with spreadsheet ease avoiding the need for complex DAX.


  • Addition of custom rows and column calculations and subtotals exactly where needed e.g. Gross Margin, EBIT, etc.
  • Financial reporting format options per row (under/over lines, (), %, scaling etc.)
  • Variance visualization according to IBCS principles
  • Row based comments
  • Integration with all Acterys write-back, planning and business modelling features.


  • Understanding at a glance: Financial reports perfectly formatted according to IBCS principles
  • Calculations as needed: Add subtotals, ratios and formulas with Excel ease without the requirement for complex DAX.

Acterys Matrix Lite

Acterys Matrix offers a variety of pivot grid features.


  • Drill down in rows and columns
  • Persistent state of visual: drill down in hierarchy not lost after refresh
  • Custom Column calculations
  • Flexible conditional formatting.

Acterys Comments

The Acterys Comments visual enables users to enter free text with rich text formatting, from predefined lists or values into a multi-dimensional model. The data is stored in standard MS SQL database tables for the active filter context / dimension detail (e.g. user, date, scenario, etc.)

Finance dashboard

Acterys Gantt

Acterys Gantt enables comprehensive project management functionality in Power BI.


  • Gantt Display of tasks on multiple hierarchy levels and task groupings
  • Adding and editing of tasks stored in a supported data source (e.g. SQL Server and any data source supported by Acterys)
  • Editing completion progress
  • Managing resources assigned to tasks.

Acterys Variance

Acterys Variance is like a data visualization tool that enables you to visualize variances in vertical or horizontal bar charts with small multiples display support and edit results in real-time for effective planning and forecasting.


  • Switch between absolute and relative variance display
  • Category drill down
  • Write back, planning and forecasting (requires Acterys subscription)
  • Custom tool tips and drill through.