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Financial Reporting in Power BI: Examples & Templates


Easiest Way to Create & Edit Financial Reports in Power BI

The default visuals in Power BI are not perfectly suited for financial reporting. There are ways to realize more advanced financial reporting requirements using DAX as Managility describes in Income Statement using DAX. These typically require intermediate knowledge of DAX that many financial professionals don’t necessarily have.

 Financial Reports in Power BI Exactly As Needed

Acterys Reporting is a part of the Acterys Power BI Visuals Family of 9 Power BI visuals listed on AppSource. and includes:

  1. Easy, Excel like definition of financial reporting sub total calculations like the addition of custom rows and column calculations and subtotals exactly where needed e.g. income statement and balance sheet lines like Gross Margin, EBIT, Return on Equity, etc.:

  2. Perfectly formatted reports with key financial reporting elements: varying number formats, under/over lines, etc. per row (under/over lines, (), %, scaling, etc.) and column. Optionally it’s even possible to use data driven formatting which means you can setup formats centrally in the database and they will be automatically applied everywhere where the specific metric/account etc. is used.
  3. IBCS inspired visualizations for variances:
Acterys Reporting Absolute Variance Power BI Desktop
Advance Variance
Relative Variance


    Variance visualization according to IBCS principles with dynamic switching between relative and absolute display

    4. Unparalleled write-back, planning, and business modelling options with all components of the Acterys Suite 8 Power BI Custom Visual, Acterys Modeller, Excel Add-on)


    Row Based Comments

    Row based comments that are stored automatically in the Acterys database (Azure or MS SQL) and can be edited directly in Power BI with Acterys Comments visual.

    How to Get Acterys Power BI Tool?

    1. Download the free preview here: Acterys Reporting Preview & Sample File
    2. Detailed documentation of all features is available in the Acterys Wiki
    3. For any comments and feature requests please use the new Acterys Forum

    Using Acterys for Financial Reports in Power BI

    Acterys Apps are built on Managility’s more than ten years of expertise building financial-focused enterprise business intelligence solutions. In minutes users can generate, fully editable, interactive analytical applications for group reporting, forecasting, budgeting and many other requirements based on Power BI and Excel.

    Currently supported are the following source systems:

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    Creating Financial Statements in Power BI

    Acterys enables creating and editing Power BI financial statements, like P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flows, and more through its data model automation capabilities and custom visuals as well as enterprise grade planning capabilities. Enabling you to manage unlimited scenarios with  different drivers, actual vs forecast values in any of the financial statements the simplest way. Power BI financial statement templates make the process as easy as possible:

    Edit & Maintain Financial Models Power BI

    Using every attribute in the accounting system, the Acterys data model provides in-depth insights in Power BI and the option to adapt dashboards, reports, and planning processes exactly to your requirements. Users can consolidate as many organizations in a “one version of the truth” data model, even if they use various accounting systems. This is then accessible from your preferred front end (Power BI, Excel, etc.) for unrivaled financial and sales analysis, and it can be integrated with any other data source supported by Power BI’s vast variety of connectors.

    Financial Templates that you can get with Acterys include:

    1. Cashflow forecasting templates for Power BI
    2. Budget planning templates for Power BI
    3. Annual financial reports templates for Power BI
    4. Performance planning & forecasting templates for Power BI

    Get started with financial reporting templates here.

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