Acterys Premium Visuals

Acterys Reporting

Acterys Reporting enables you to render professional financial reports with visualizations according to IBCS principles. Users can add their own row or column-based calculations and formatting exactly as needed with spreadsheet ease avoiding the need for complex DAX.


  • Addition of custom rows and column calculations and subtotals exactly where needed e.g. Gross Margin, EBIT, etc.
  • Financial reporting format options per row (under/over lines, (), %, scaling etc.)
  • Variance visualization according to IBCS principles
  • Row based comments
  • Integration with all Acterys write-back, planning and business modelling features.


  • Understanding at a glance: Financial reports perfectly formatted according to IBCS principles
  • Calculations as needed: Add subtotals, ratios and formulas with Excel ease without the requirement for complex DAX.

Acterys Matrix Enterprise

Acterys Matrix enables comprehensive write-back, planning and forecasting in Power BI.


  • Data entry on any level: detail or on summary level with flexible allocation options
  • Absolute and relative changes
  • Drill down in rows and columns
  • Persistent state of visual: drill down in hierarchy not lost after refresh
  • Write-back to SQL tables
  • Custom Column calculations
  • Flexible conditional formatting.

Acterys Comments

The Acterys Comments visual enables users to enter free text with rich text formatting, from predefined lists or values into a multi-dimensional model. The data is stored in standard MS SQL database tables for the active filter context / dimension detail (e.g. user, date, scenario, etc.)


  • Comprehensive rich-text formatting options
  • Embedding of HTML-based links (Web links, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Integration with Acterys Matrix visual for cell-based commenting.
financal planing
table editor

Acterys Table Edit

Comprehensive editing (add, edit, delete) options for SQL tables in a LIGHTWEIGHT Power BI custom visual. 


  • Editing of any table that is supported by Acterys (MS SQL, Azure SQL, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Bulk edit of records based on filter criteria.
  • Search functions
  • Image display and editing
  • Support for drill through and custom tooltips
  • Validation of data and selection from lists e.g. linked lists and date-picker.

Acterys Visual Planning

Acterys Visual Planning enables users to plan and write back by dragging elements in different chart types.


  • Definition of comparison scenario
  • Display of totals and relative variance
  • Category drill down
    Write back, planning and forecasting (requires
  • Acterys subscription)
  • Custom tool tips and drill through.
driver based planning
acterys copy

Acterys Copy

The Acterys Copy Power BI visual allows you to copy data between different scenarios and models with the option to use any level of detail.

For example, copying data from previous year’s actuals as the basis for a new plan either as a whole or with further dimension details e.g. only a particular cost center, product, etc.