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Want to perform Budget Forecasting in Power BI? Check out the best way you can streamline the budgeting and forecasting process with Acterys.

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Power BI is the leading analytics platform – with the right approach it can be turned into an extremely versatile and powerful platform for Planning, Forecasting and Write back. Currently there are 2 main types of planning solutions in Power BI:
Visuals connected to a central model via web service

power bi templates

The default visuals in Power BI are not perfectly suited for financial reporting. There are ways to realize more advanced financial reporting requirements using DAX as Managility describes in Income Statement using DAX These, though typically require intermediate knowledge of DAX that many financial professional don’t necessarily have.

business strategy meeting for operational planning

Operational planning bridges the gap between lofty ambitions and tangible achievements. This integral process serves as the foundation upon which businesses can thrive and surpass their goals, navigating complexities with precision and purpose. According to research, having a strategic plan can make your company 16%

vertical analysis

In the dynamic world of finance, where strategic decisions shape the course of businesses, mastering vertical analysis can help you simplify your statement, make critical financial decisions, and understand the underlying composition and trends that drive your business’ financial performance. Vertical analysis evaluates financial statements