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How to Add Planning and Budgeting for Dynamics 365 in Power BI

Planning & Budgeting For Dynamics 365

Power BI offers unparalleled features for analysis and visualization. In this post, we explain how you can add comprehensive planning and budgeting with all editions of Dynamics 365.

How to add planning capabilities to Dynamics:

1. Add your required tables from Dynamics to Power BI. This can be done either via existing Power BI reports that come with Dynamics, the Power BI Dynamics Connector or with synchronized tables in MS / Azure SQL  Server:

Dynamics Tables
Dynamics Tables 

2. Install the latest version of Acterys Power Sync. This Windows application enables you to create a planning model with any table from Dynamics 365:

Acterys Power BI Sync Architecture

3. Start the application. Now you will see the following screen:

  1. Acterys Power BI Sync and Update
    Acterys Power BI Sync and Update
  2. Click on the configuration area at the top and configure your Power BI model (Power BI Desktop or Power BI Dataset / Dataflow):
    Power BI Sync Configuration
    Power BI Sync Configuration
  3. Once you have configured it, you can choose model tables that you want to use either in Power BI Desktop or as a Published Power BI Dataset /Dataflows. Here you can also set the automatic refresh interval to update changes in Dynamics to SQL Server / Acterys:
    Acterys Power BI Sync-Scheduled-Tasks
    Acterys Power BI Sync – Scheduled Tasks
  4. Add the new Acterys tables to your existing or a new Power BI report.
  5. Now you can use all planning features available in the Acterys Power BI visuals: Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource
    Power BI Sync Planning for any Power BI model
    Power BI Sync Planning for any Power BI model
    Acterys Table Edit visual new features
    Acterys Table Edit
    Acterys Gantt Power BI Visual
    Acterys Gantt Power BI VisualIf you want to perform planning and budgeting with the financial data in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you should give Acterys a try and experience how simple and fast the entire process is. Get your free trial today.