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How to integrate Oracle Netsuite with Power BI and add planning

Here is how you can connect Oracle Netsuite To Microsoft Power BI Desktop with Planning & Write-back features.

Power BI offers unparalleled features for analysis and visualization: in this post we explain the quickest way to connect Oracle Netsuite in Power BI Deskop and how you can add comprehensive planning and budgeting.

Step By Step Process: How to Connect Netsuite with Power BI

  1. Create a free trial account at: Acterys Trial | Power BI | Business Intelligence | Microsoft BI
  2. After your account has been setup, click on the “Integration” menu and go to the “Oracle Netsuite” section:
Connect to Oracle Netsuite

3. Click on “Add” and enter your authentication details:

4. Following that Acterys will create a data warehouse tables with all Netsuite data selected in an optimal format for analysis that is also write enabled. Users can for example edit dimensions and map accounts or create planning and simulation models as required in either the Acterys Modeller in the browser or using the 8 Acterys Power BI visuals

5. With Power BI you can now use one of the templates that Acterys provides or just connect with a normal Azure/SQL Server connection, add the tables and immediately start analysis with an optimal data warehouse format.

Connect to Netsuite from Power BI

6. Now you can use all planning and collaboration features available in the Acterys Power BI visuals: Business Apps – Microsoft AppSource

Data entry on any level, relative/absolute, comments, conditional formatting
Data entry on any level, relative/absolute, comments, conditional formatting
Acterys Table Edit visual new features
Acterys Table Edit
Acterys Gantt Power BI Visual
Acterys Gantt Power BI VisualWe hope that you are now aware of how you can easily connect Power BI with NetSuite CRM & ERP data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting. Netsuite Power BI connector allows you to integrate metadata information to identify data fields, numerical data, location, date/time data for meaningful visualizations, charts and reports.

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