MYOB to Power BI Integration – End-to-End Reporting

What is MYOB?

MYOB is a cloud and on-premise accounting, tax, and bookkeeping software aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. It provides a suite of features to help you simplify bookkeeping tasks from tracking and paying expenses to synchronizing bank feeds and managing inventories.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is an on-premise and cloud-based data visualization tool from Microsoft. It allows business intelligence professionals and data analysts to build and disseminate interactive visual reports and dashboards for analytical decision-making purposes.

MYOB to Power BI Integration: Limits of the Connector Approach

MYOB accounting software lets you automate workflows to create reports of employee and credit card payments and invoices via automation. However, since a MYOB-Power BI connector, especially Power BI online, doesn’t exist, organizations are left with an ODBC MYOB to Power BI integration or develop one in-house.

1.Shaky MYOB Integration

Going the in-house ODBC route to connect MYOB to Power BI isn’t a seamless method. Fetching MYOB row tables requires configuration by experts to make the interface easy to use for the average user. Furthermore, ODBC connectivity can’t integrate multiple entities (Xero, QuickBooks, WorkflowMax) at once, making a single source of truth challenging.

2. Suboptimal Reporting

Lack of advanced MYOB and Power BI features such as write-back and reporting templates can limit  firms from adapting to fast-changing reporting requirements at runtime. Instead, it would need to be configured within the source data to effect any changes or build reports from scratch, preventing multiple teams from collaborating cohesively.

3. Traditional ETL is Time-Consuming

Consolidating multiple source systems and configuring each data model to export for a destination such as a data warehouse can not only be complicated, but also take up substantial man-hours. MYOB data would have to be optimized for the destination usually through transformations for querying before it can be loaded into Power BI to analyze any reports. 

Generate Essentials or Account Right Fully Editable Reports Within Power BI or Excel

Acterys accounting software provides a unified end-to-end platform to smoothly connect and visualize MYOB Essentials or AccountRight data in fully customizable Power BI reports without needing a MYOB-Power BI connector. Its virtualized SQL platform enables you to consolidate multiple sources within minutes that eliminates traditional ETL processes and access reports in near real-time.

1. Utilize One-Click Integration with Multiple MYOB clients

Set up your cloud or on-premise environment within minutes. View consolidated results in Power BI of unlimited number of MYOB Essentials or AccountRight data along with QuickBooks, Xero, and WorkflowMax reports for a single source of truth. 

2. Unlock Advanced MYOB to Power BI Reporting Capabilities

Drill down into transactional-level data in Power BI  for ease of use and fetch AI-generated insights to shorten turnaround time. Avail pre-built templates including CAPEX, Cash Flow, HR, Risk/Compliance, and much more to fulfill planning and reporting requirements for multiple departments and teams.

3. Build and Write Fully Customizable Reports in Power BI or Excel

Acterys’s bi-directional integration means you have the choice to create and view consolidated reports in either Power BI or Excel. For either interface, you can read and write data by adding categories and dimensions from within without needing to edit or amend data in MYOB reports or workflows. 

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