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Acterys 2019.2 Planning, Performance Management & Consolidation

End to End Performance Management on a Unified Platform For Power BI, Excel and Power Platform

Despite adding a 3-figure number of companies to the Acterys client list in the last quarter -and the efforts to support this process- the product team has burnt the midnight oil adding fantastic new planning, data warehousing and consolidation features in the upcoming 2019.2 Acterys update. In particular with the new “Cube Wizard” that adds unparalleled business user-driven data warehouse automation features optimized for Power BI and Excel data model use:

Business User-Driven Data Warehouse Automation

In addition to the proven Acterys Connectors for a variety of accounting and marketing systems we are adding the new Cube Wizard feature that enables business users without IT skills to build robust data models from nearly any source.

In a simple web interface users can choose their desired source (Excel, Power BI tables or relational sources) and just specify their required model specifications: “Time”, “Dimension”, “Attribute” (Level in a dimension) and “Value”.

This will then automatically create data warehouse star schema tables in the Acterys or the client’s Azure SQL cloud tenant or on-premise SQL Server. An approach that guarantees optimal performance and easy maintainability (definition of calculations!) optimized for use in Power BI and other client tools.

No More Bad Power BI Models

This revolutionary approach automates weeks of typically necessary data warehouse and model development and ensures that users work on a platform that offers optimal performance and maintainability. We have seen too many bad Power BI models where business users without the necessary background waste time with unnecessary performance impediments and related “DAX nightmares”. Cube Wizard puts an end to that.

All these works of course alongside all the functionality that Acterys users have come to love:
• comprehensive write-back & planning,
• model edits,
• simulating, storing scenarios,
• managed by effective governance features.

Here is a short video that introduces our new baby:

Acterys & Power BI Model PDF Report Distribution

Another key feature added for this release is PDF distribution: users can flexibly design dynamic reports in Excel with a live link to their Power BI or Acterys model and then automatically distribute tailored reports to an unlimited number of email recipients.

Acterys & Power BI Model PDF Report Distribution

Linked Dimension

Acterys offers unlimited flexibility how to structure dimension. Some of our clients asked for some restriction on this to limit changes to items in a predefined list. An important feature to -for example- turn Acterys into a business-driven master data management tool.

Income linked dimensions: you can now setup a column as a linked dimension this means it can only contain elements defined in another list (dimension column).

And we have one more (Steve rest in peace…):

With 2019.2 we have a new visual in the stable:

Acterys Visual Planning

The new Asterys visual enables users to plan by just dragging on the bars of a bar chart. An extremely quick way to test new scenarios and gain a comprehensive picture how drivers are affecting your results. Scenarios are not just a temporary insight but can be immediately saved to the central data model. No more messing around with inconsistent spreadsheets:

Acterys Visual Planning