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Acterys Recognized as a Top-Rated Vendor in 2022 BPM Pulse Research

We have done it again.

Acterys has been included in the Top-Rated Performance Management Vendors for 2022 by BPM Partners. Last year, Acterys entered the ring as the Best New Vendor in the Annual BPM Pulse Awards 2021. Acterys is now a returning champion securing an overall Excellent 4.6 rating for overall customer satisfaction and a whopping 94% user recommendation rate.

About The Pulse of Performance Management 2022

BPM Partners, an independent US analyst firm, recently released the results of its annual performance management market survey, The Pulse of Performance Management 2022 – Transform, Extend, Evolve. Now in its 19th year, this market research takes a deep dive into the latest trends and what’s the next most important areas for customers in the performance management space. The goal is to provide global teams with market insights and a list of proven vendors, along with their key capabilities that are backed by user ratings. This gives prospects an unbiased perspective on choosing the right tool for their organization.

The survey is based on real user feedback collected from customers of different established players and new vendors. It rates them on several critical aspects, such as customer satisfaction, market success, core, specialized, and advanced functionality, and latest enhancements.

The 2022 report includes responses from 318 users of corporate performance management solutions in businesses of all sizes from across the globe.

Acterys’ Accomplishments – The BPM Survey Results

4.61 Excellent Rating for Overall Customer Satisfaction

Acterys was chosen for its superior Integration and Dashboard capabilities. Users have rated the solution high in Financial Reporting and Overall Customer Satisfaction categories.

Craig Schiff, CEO of BPM Partners, announced the results in a webcast event. He shared the key survey findings and talked about why Acterys has been chosen as a top-rated vendor in performance management.

“Last year, they were our Best New Vendors, and I am happy to see they made it to the list. It is a very capable solution with some major recent developments. And with an Excellent 4.6 rating, they have received the highest marks for their Dashboard functionality and have been selected for their Integration capabilities.”

Acterys is for Businesses of All Sizes

Pleasantly surprised by Acterys’ ability to cater to such a diverse target market size, Craig complimented:

“People wonder how could someone make a product that could satisfy a smaller, $10 million company but also can make a $20 billion company happy. Well, Acterys has done it – it’s the way they have packaged their solutions. For smaller companies, they have analytical applications for specific source systems, and for larger companies, they have enterprise xP&A suite of solutions.”

That’s one of the many reasons why over 700 SMBs and enterprises have invested in Acterys over just a span of a few years. And we continue to go strong as we reach the end of our FY 2021-22. Check out main the main highlights:

5x Faster Implementation Times

While Acterys has been loved for its ease of use and robust functionality, our solutions are known for incredibly fast implementation times. According to the 2022 BPM Pulse Research Study, over 60% of Acterys customers had their first application implemented within 3 months, with 33% up and running in less than a month. This means that our customers experience 5x faster implementation time than the average and more than a third of projects are finished in less than a month.

Read the Vendor Landscape Matrix Report

Over the last year, Acterys has evolved its product line with several new features, including data-driven styles concept for bulk report formatting, Power BI model automation, Rapid Results Packs, Acterys Hub for holistic data integration capabilities, new Acterys Apps for Oracle NetSuite, Deputy, Stripe, and several others. And it has a lot more in store for FY 2022-23, so stay tuned!

Interested in trying out Acterys Power BI? Start your free trial now.

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Acterys Recognized as a Top-Rated Vendor in 2022 BPM Pulse Research
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