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Acterys 21.1

Alongside the biggest growth on our platform in Q1 of this year with a record number of new customers -including Fortune 500, DAX and ASX listed-, we are very happy to introduce the amazing additions to Acterys with version 21.1 that will be released in April 2021.

In many ways a game changer: not just in regards to improved existing features, but also completely new product components. Here is an overview of the most important improvements and new additions:

Acterys Planning Engine For Azure/SQL Server

  • Improvements to Copy Algorithm: Enables a 10x + performance boost with copying scenarios
  • Edit History: Premium customers have now the option to store the entire change history of a value entered in Acterys. With this option enabled the fact/cube database table will include two new fields “validfrom” and “validto” that contain the dates for which this value was active. This option can substantially increase database volumes so has to be used with caution.

Acterys Modeller

  • Billing Engine: as of February 2021, the billing engine that completely automates license handling is now live. This means that on the renewal date of all existing subscriptions (monthly or annual) user have to add their licenses and select the required payment option.
  • Pivot writeback: It is now possible to enter data directly in the Acterys Modeller in the “Pivot” option of a cube. Splashing is also supported for this data entry option.
  • Rename Dimensions / Cubes: with 21.1 user are able to rename dimensions and cubes in the new context menu.
  • Column Types: 21.1 allows users to specify the data type of an attribute in a dimension e.g. date, integer, etc. This will add validations in the Acterys Power BI visuals. For example when a column is defined as “date” users can automatically select dates from a date picker in the visual respectively the system will only allow integer entries in integer fields.

Acterys Apps

Acterys Apps Data Model Automation Consolidation Planning Power BI 300x185
Acterys Apps: End To End Solutions: Data Model Automation Consolidation Planning For Power BI
  • OAuth2 / multi-company add: The Apps for Xero and WorkflowMax now support OAuth2 which improves security and usability. Among others users can now add all their Xero companies with the initial connection and the system will load all history.
  • New Admin Template: 21.1 includes a new Power BI template that enables admins to access detailed logs of all load processes and other administration details.
  • Generic Connector framework: In 21.1 we have moved all connectors to a new generic code base. This not only makes improvements to all existing Apps  faster but will also significantly reduce the efforts to add new Apps/Connectors.
  • New Power BI Connector: 21.1 includes a new Power BI App that allows users to add and synchronize any Power BI service model table with an Acterys/Microsoft SQL Server database. Updates can be easily configured to run in the required interval for example daily, hourly etc.
  • App specific Calendars: It is now possible to maintain calendars per App
  • Customizing Email Notifications: a new option has been added to the Acterys Modeler /Admin / App Settings is “Email Details” where the user can choose “All” (success, error notifications), “Errors” (only error notifications), or “None” (Default, no notifications at all). By default that option is set to “None”  for all users.

Power BI Sync App (New!)

2021 03 16 12 57 09 Power BI Dataset Connector 2 300x140

Try Out Acterys Power Bi Sync

Acterys Power BI Sync enables you to “plan enable” / add write-back for any Power BI data source/model and Dataflows and synchronize all model details with Microsoft SQL Server in the cloud (Azure SQL Server) and on premise. The solution is available as a standalone desktop application or as a SaaS web service (“Acterys App”). In an easy-to-use interface business users can point to the tables that they would like to use in their planning model (e.g. products, customers, accounts, etc.) and set refresh cycles for synchronization.

Power BI Sync Data Entry 300x169
Power BI Sync Planning for any Power BI data source

This will automatically generate a star schema data warehouse model in the Azure SQL tenant that’s included with Acterys or the customers own SQL Server environment.

The model can then be immediately used with all planning and corporate performance features in Acterys. This includes:

  • Model edits as needed e.g., adding new dimensions like scenarios or add records to the data model e.g. newly introduced products, changes in account mapping, acquisitions etc.
  • Enterprise grade planning and BPM features:
    1. Top-down / bottom-up data entry (absolute or relative) and simulation e.g., planning on detailed revenue account or total revenues of the group
    2. Integrated planning scenarios e.g., if my revenue increases by 10% what is the effect on my cash flow and balance sheet.
    3. Special planning areas: sales/operations planning (S&OP), CAPEX, Human Resources, , cash flow, etc.
    4. Driver based planning with unrestricted setup of drivers and metric relationships
    5. Currency conversion with automated FX rates management
    6. Statutory consolidation including intercompany elimination
  • Automated synchronization and update of Power BI model with your SQL Server Data Warehouse
2021 03 29 14 11 29 Acterys Power BI Sync Scheduled Tasks 300x144
Acterys Power BI Sync: Schedule automatic updates and synchronization

Acterys Power BI Sync Pricing:

The process can be completely automated to run updates i.e. new data in Power BI to Acterys/ SQL Server at the refresh interval required.

Acterys Visuals

Acterys Financial Reporting V 1.2 (New!)

Financial Reporting Power BIcaption 1 300x169

Try Out Acterys Reporting

Acterys Reporting enables you to render professional financial reports in Power BI with typically required formatting options on a per row basis and adding your own custom calculations in a very easy way.

Financial Reporting in Power BI Features:

  • Addition of custom rows and column calculations and subtotals exactly where needed e.g. Gross Margin, EBIT, etc.
  • Financial reporting format options per row (under/over lines, (), %, scaling etc.)
  • Variance visualization according to IBCS principles
  • Row based comments

 Matrix V 3.3.5

Acterys Matrix Power BI Caption 300x174
Unparalleled data entry options for Power BI: Acterys Matrix
  • Custom Tool Tips support
  • Drill Through support
  • Unicode Icons
In Matrix Comments 300x171
Edit Comments in Power BI Matrix
  • Comment editing in visual

Acterys Comment V 4.0.5

The latest version of Acterys Comment with new features has been published in the App Source that you can add to Power BI Desktop.

  1. Integrated security in line with other visuals.
  2. Editing cube values in addition to comments in same visual
  3. Support for Power BI Context Menu.
  4. Support for Power BI Selection Out.
  5. Landing Page is added to the Acterys Comment visual.
  6. Feature-Refresh and Auto-Refresh comments after saving.

Acterys Table Edit V 1.3.7

Table Edit Caption 1366 300x169
Acterys Table Edit
  1. Support for Power BI context menu
  2. Setting flexible, persistent column width for columns
  3. Users now have the option to turn on “using a default value TimeUser stamp” for the “Name” column and also hide them from properties section.
  4. Table Edit now supports to automatically prepopulate attributes from Power BI filters
  5. Support for image editing in the table
  6. Complete customization of UI elements e.g. hide table list, batch editing, filters, etc.

Acterys Variance V 2.1.7

Variance Demo Light Tooltip Power BI 300x162
Acterys Variance Power BI Visual
  1. Option to switch sign
  2. Display improvements

Acterys Gantt V 1.1.1

Acterys Gantt Power BI Visual 300x172
Acterys Gantt Power BI Visual

The only visual in the Power BI ecosystem that enables editing of projects (adding, editing task properties, task groupings) directly in visual.

  • Stability improvements

Acterys Copy V 1.0.2 (New)

Acterys Copy For Power BI Desktop 300x136
Super fast copying between scenarios

The Acterys Copy Power BI visual allows you to copy data between different scenarios and models with the option to use any level of detail. For example, copying data from previous year’s actuals as the basis for a new plan either as a whole or with further dimension detail e.g. only a particular cost center, product, etc.


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