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Make actionable decisions with Acterys and fast-track your plans and budgets. Changes in data can be modeled in minutes and viewed in real-time, informing you of possible risks and allowing you to simulate what-if scenarios quickly. 

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1-Click Hadoop Hive to Power BI Connectivity

Watch How to Connect Hadoop Hive with Power BI & Excel

Hadoop Power BI integration ensures that Master Data Management becomes a breeze: users can add new scenarios, maintain  product and customer hierarchies, map accounts to a group chart of accounts or add additional attributes that are relevant to them.

After a 2-minute Acterys signup, users can either automatically create models for HDFS file types with Power BI datasets or export them to any popular frontends, like Power BI, Excel, or Tableau.

Connecting Hadoop Hive to Power BI gives you the most flexible way to implement management and statutory  consolidation for unlimited datasets. Acterys automatically adds financial logic like financial calendars, currency conversion and others, preparing your Hadoop data for planning and analytics. Advanced requirements like multi-currency handling and other consolidation requirements can be configured exactly as required.

The following video explains how you can use Acterys Apps to easily plan, analyze, simulate, and visualize Hadoop data in Power BI with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Connecting Hadoop with Power BI & Excel

ACTERYS is an integrated platform that adds reporting, planning & consolidation functionality to Hadoop and nearly any other data source. All your requirements in one solution integrated with Power BI & Excel:


Serious Analytics For Hadoop Hive

Acterys Apps provide you with a professional data model and ready made, fully editable interactive dashboards and reports in Power BI or Excel. You can customize and extend the model exactly to your needs (account mappings, KPI’s, etc.). and add nearly any other data source (CRM, POS, Inventory, etc.).


Stunning Hadoop HDFS Reports & Dashboards

Acterys Apps enable you to design interactive dashboards using the market leading data discovery tools (Power BI, Tableau). The Acterys Excel Add-in is the easiest way to build reports, planning and forecasting forms exactly as needed with every detail from your Hadoop HDFS data.

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Versatile Planning & Forecasting

Planning and budgeting have never been easier: use extensive options for top/down bottom data entry on any level of the model. Profit from fully editable best practice templates for budgeting, cash flow forecasting, and many other planning aspects.


Effective Hadoop Data Consolidation

Acterys offers the quickest and most flexible way to implement management and statutory consolidation for unlimited Hadoop HDFS files. Advanced requirements like multi-file data-filtering, and other consolidation features can be configured exactly as required.

Customer Testimonials on Seamless Hadoop Power BI Integration


Effective Hadoop Data Planning and Modelling With Power BI & Excel

Planning and modelling Hadoop data is an important step in the big data analytics process. Acterys allows you to easily extend your Hadoop models with powerful statistical and machine learning algorithms (e. g. regression, clustering, etc.) to enable data driven prediction/forecasting based and writing the results back as scenarios.
Minimize the efforts to integrate your Hadoop data with Power BI using Acterys Apps that generate professional, write enabled business intelligence/data warehouse environments tailored to your needs.


Add Any Source

In addition to the other Acterys Apps you can add nearly any other source the easiest way with the unique Acterys InstantLink and Power BI Sync features.

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Build Your Own Models

Acterys Apps come with ready made models for reporting, consolidation and planning. For those that have requirements beyond that, the Premium Edition enables you to build your own data models exactly as needed.

Get Hadoop HDFS Files Visualized in Minutes!

After your onboarding session when you have registered at the Acterys site, you will see this screen:

Click on “Add” to link your Hadoop HDFS files with ACTERYS. This process will create cloud-based relational (based on MS SQL Server) multi-dimensional data model as well as best practice Power BI and Excel reports (live link!) with your Hadoop data.

Linking the accounts should only take a few minutes. For larger models, this can take longer. Once it is finished you will receive a notification at the email address you have specified with your account.

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