What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to run various accounting and bookkeeping solutions – from paying bills and accepting payments to claiming expenses and performing bank reconciliations.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is an on-premise and cloud-based data visualization tool from Microsoft. It allows business intelligence professionals and data analysts to build and disseminate interactive visual reports and dashboards for analytical decision-making purposes.

Xero To Power BI Integration: An Unsatisfied Need

Xero is a powerful tool to keep track of cash flows, reimburse claims, or reconcile bank payments. Conventionally, connector interfaces are required to seamlessly integrate Xero financial and accounting data to Power BI.

But integrating Xero and Power BI is another story altogether.  Visualizing cash flow and costing data for the purposes of creating rolling forecasts and budgets or making any other financial planning decisions in near-real time is at best an illusion.

1. Integration issues

Although there are various Xero to Power connectors, many users have reported various integration issues and lack of data import functionalities. Users either can’t import Xero data, especially row data, into Power BI as seamlessly as they expect to, or the migrated data is very poor and not adequate for reporting purposes.


Because of this, more development work is often needed in terms of creating additional logic and querying or tweaking Power BI data.

2. Lack of Custom Reporting Options

The standard ODBC approach for achieving Xero to Power BI integration isn’t suited for creating custom  reports. Since ODBC fetches Xero tables in raw form, considerable configuration and man-hours are required to ensure it is easy to use in Power BI for business users.

Xero API call limits as your data scales in volume and lack of multi-entity consolidation with sources including QuickBooks and Dear Inventory further make agile forecasts a constant hurdle.

3. Lack of Budgeting and Financial Planning Templates

Even after ensuring smooth integration and configuration of the two platforms, you’re still left with lack of reporting templates to enhance your financial planning uses.  Rolling forecasts, budgets, what-if scenarios would have to be made either from scratch or with considerable tweaks to let finance and operations teams be on the same page. 


No More Xero to Power BI Connector Shopping - Turn Plans into Results With Acterys

Avoid wasting time and effort looking for the best connector to sync Xero and Power BI.

Acterys lets you have a unified virtualized data warehouse platform that seamlessly fetches Xero-based Power BI dashboards for near real-time reporting without requiring any tedious development work. 

1. Unify Your Accounting and Analytics Data in a Single Dashboard

Consolidate multiple entities such as Quickbooks, Excel, Power BI Desktop or other front ends to integrate planning from different silo forecasts and reports on a virtualized on-premises or cloud database. Access Xero-based Power BI dashboards for a single source of truth to load and analyze historical trends to make reporting across teams a breeze.

2. Add Multiple Xero Clients On The Fly

No need to add only one Xero client for use. With Acterys, you have the benefit of adding multiple Xero clients to run several reporting and planning projects in parallel without the trouble of encountering Xero API call limits as your financial data scales to include newer categories.

3. Customize Your Reports To Track Multiple Xero Categories

Assemble multiple Xero categories such as cost breakdowns and profit margins, overdue invoices and bills, and bank transactions to create flexible BI reports in an all-in-one platform. Acterys lets you visualize all data in Power BI with Xero data via pre-built reporting templates for both finance and operation teams – breaking down communication silos and enhancing time to value and insight.

Modernize Your Planning & Analytics with our Free Trial Now

Make actionable decisions with Acterys and fast-track your plans and budgets. Changes in data can be modeled in minutes and viewed in real-time, informing you of possible risks and allowing you to simulate what-if scenarios quickly. 

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